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The SPOI-L system is designed for receiving and processing information transmitted from low Earth orbit satellites through radio channels of the 1.7 GHz band with a speed of up to 2.3 Mbps. The constructive feature of this complex is the triaxial antenna support device for eliminating the "dead" zones when the satellite is supported at the zenith. In such an arrangement, the azimuth axis is inclined at an angle of about 10 °, and the inclination direction is set before the session by an additional horizontal azimuth drive. At present, the complex receives data from the Meteor M satellites No. 1, 2, NOAA.

The receiving complex was developed and manufactured by the Federal State Budgetary Institution «Scientific Research Center for Space Hydrometeorology «Planet».

Structurally the complex is designed in the form of three systems:

  • I / O with antenna and irradiator;
  • three-coordinate power electric drive with an accompanying computer;
  • system for recording and displaying received data.

Basic parameters of the complex:

Antenna system parabolicreflector 2.0 m
Type of the support-rotary device3-axis (AZG-AZN-UM) without a "dead" zone at the zenith
Frequency range, MHz/td>1670-1710
Noise temperature of LNA, ° Knot more than 100
Data rate upto 2.3 Mbps
Operating temperature range, °C-50 … +50
Wind speed, m/sworking - up to 27
limit - up to 50
Zone of stable receptionfrom elevation angle more than 5 degrees
The reliability of data reception/td>нnot worse than 10-6 per bit of information in relation tosignal
noise at the output of the IF amplifier - more than 6 dB;
Calculation of the satelliteposition by target designation in TLE format.